Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cari Slings Eq Burchelli Mediterrenean and Atlantis review

Wrap brand: Cari Slings
Type: Eq Burchelli
Colorway: Mediterrenean (blue) and Atlantis (green)
Material: 100% cotton
Size: 5 - 4.2 meters and 6 - 4.7 meters 
Width: 71 cm
Thickness: Medium - thick. 250 gms/cm2

Well, what do we have here?

I bought the Mediterrenean through a fsot page on Facebook. Why? I really liked the print of the wrap, but did not know anything about the wrapping qualities. 

It came to me used, and broken in, but after a wash and dry, it still felt stiff and cardboardy.

Uh, what?

Ok, don't just put the wrap up for sale, Miss Judgmental. Wrap with it first. There we go, basic fcc.

Oh boy, I love this wrap! It wraps like a dream! 

Love at first touch? Nope. Love at first wrap? Oh, yeah, baby!

The same goes for Atlantis, which I received brand new. It needs some breaking in, but already gives a solid wrap job. 

Oh, and both colorways are amazing. They look so clean. Great with jeans, but not too casual to wear dressed up. 

Wrapping qualities

This wrap is a beast. A work horse. It's soft to the touch. Like flanel. But it remains a beast. It reminds me of the towel a dishwasher in a busy diner uses. Sturdy. You can slap it around and it still does his job. If I know I risk on spilling chocolate on the wrap or dragging it to muddy mess: this is my go to wrap. It's easy to clean, and I don't feel like I need to baby it. Yay!

Due to its beastiness, I found it harder to slide passes into place than with - for example - a Girasol Diamond Weave. This wrap makes you work a bit. But when in place, it just stays there. No saggy carries. Even with a sloppy wrab job. Score!

It rocks a ruck, a fcc, a fwcc. Haven't tried any other carries with it, but am sure it would rock those!

As for happy shoulders: yes. However, I need to sandwich the shoulder passes. If not, it digs into my shoulder. Then again, I have sensitive shoulders.

Newborn or Toddler

I'd say both. Baby Q is 6 months and 20-ish lbs and I can rock a FWCC and FCC comfortably. Same goes for a Ruck (tied Tibetan preferably). So, I'd say Newborn to Toddler. I haven't tried it with an actual big kid, but I feel like this wrap can handle it.

 Sleepy dust woven in. :)

So, keep or sell/trade

Keep. Every babywearing girl needs a beasty 'can handle some beating up' wrap in their stash. :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Babywearing 101

Some days you have all the best intentions to rock that new carry you saw on Youtube. And end up rocking a good old fcc again. Or a wrap dress. ;) 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don't be that mom - the 'get everything I have' edition

"You should get the XYZ stroller. Definitely. Don't even think about the ABC one. Don't. And the high chair. There's only one brand that you should purchase. I can show you mine."

"Well, actually, I was thinking of..."

"And clothes. I know this great website. Go there and get their offer of the week."

"I have lots and lots of clothes already filling..."

"And the car seat. Can you still return the one you have? No, wait, return the one you have. You must get this one."

You have one of those 'that mom''s among your friends. Probably. Definitely. This 'that mom' is actually very sweet, but crossing the line between giving kind advice and forcing their choices on you. Hard to say 'NO' to, too. ;) Pushy. Very pushy. ;)